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Mr.Brian BAO
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Exhibition consultation
Mr. Edwin Qi
86-023 6756 2260
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Booth Type

 Standard booth A  9㎡(3mX3m)  Price: USD2600  
Standard booth B  18㎡(3mX6m)  Price: USD5200
Provided with three exhibition boards of 2.5m high and two lintels produced according to the requirement of the exhibitors, whole-floor carpet, one desk and two chairs for meeting and discussion, one 5 amp./220v AC socket and two spotlights.(Double for 18㎡ booth).
Raw Space (at least 36㎡)  Price: USD260/㎡
Provided with security service and public responsible insurance.(No installation service for ground area, exhibitors can arrange it by themselves or relegate to the booth construction companies recommended by organizing committee).

10% more fee shall be added for two openings