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Auto Tech--Global Auto Forum

time:2016-06-19 source:未知 click: second
2016 (7th) Global Auto Forum Opens Today: Strategic Fulcrum of the new round Industrial Development
On June 6th, the 2016 (7th) global auto forum opens in Chongqing Yuelai International Convention Center. Considering such factors as the unbalanced global economic recovery and China’s new normal Economy, the theme of forum is set as “Strategic Fulcrum of the new round industrial development and China’s opportunity: “13th-five” plan and Made in China 2025”.

It’s learned that the organization committee has consulted opinions from all directions and substantial discussions have been made to present a forum with such characteristics.
With rich and diversified agenda, the forum prepares many activity links to carry out heated debates on such topics as the global auto industry’s future development, the promotion of auto industry in “13th-five” period, how can China’s auto industry achieve industrial transformation and upgrading, corporation innovation and marketing strategy, the future development direction of auto technologies, alternative energy vehicles, survival and development of auto part suppliers, the effect of enterprise merger on auto industry’s development, smart city, auto aftermarket, Internet auto and other greatly concerned topics. Participants may sign in the activities through “we-chat”.
Many auto enterprises from China and abroad take part in the forum, forming a total attendance figure of 950, with 1/3 from mainframe factories, 1/6 from suppliers and dealerships, 1/6 from auto related areas, and 1/3 composed of Chinese and foreign media. A total of 172 media, including 17 foreign media, 34 “we media”, and 344 reporters attend the forum. Mainstream media from worldwide actively take part in the forum report, many of which have established on-site live broadcasting rooms.
Apart from main forum agenda, press conferences and seminars, diversified activities, including VIP meetings, salons, auto show visits will be arranged for distinguished guests to make full communications.