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Automotive Interiors Expo

time:2018-10-09 source:未知 click: second
Based on the automotive market of China's central and western regions , the Automotive Interiors Expo will held inside CACSE 2019 from May 9-11 at Wuhan International Exhibition Center. It's the most professional automotive interior exhibition in the Midwest region provides an ideal platform for technical exchanges and procurement for Chinese automotive professionals.
Exhibition scope
Automotive interior systems: vehicle seat systems, instruments; cockpit and instrument panel; internal test panels, door panels, sill angles; ceiling linings; covering fasteners, baffles; seat belts/constraints, airbags; Interior lighting, lighting system; rearview mirror, vanity mirror, sun visor and awning; floor covering materials, carpet, floor mat; switch and switch, spring latch; steering wheel, grip handle, cup holder hinge; , handrails, anti-pinch systems, up/down systems; vehicle kitchen equipment, bathroom systems and equipment; vehicle HVAC systems;
Automotive interior design, development and service materials: engineering plastics, modified plastics and additives; composite materials; foam and molding materials; leather, fabric and other interior fabrics, lining and non-woven fabrics; sound insulation materials, flame retardant materials; plywood , carbon fiber veneer, lightweight material;
Automotive interior preparation and process technology: seat sewing technology and equipment, yarn; seat track, motor, control system, fastener solution; plating and surface treatment; coating, adhesive; sealing system; Equipment and technology; assembly system.