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Auto Air-Conditioning Expo

time:2019-06-28 source:未知 click: second
Based on the automotive market of China's central and western regions , the Automotive Air Conditioning Exhibition will held inside CACSE 2019 from May 9-11 at Wuhan International Exhibition Center. It is the only automotive air conditioning and air conditioning accessories exhibition in the Midwest of China to help companies expand their automotive markets.
Exhibition scope:
Vehicle air conditioning system: passenger car air conditioning, passenger car air conditioning, bus air conditioning, truck air conditioning, engineering vehicle air conditioning, rail transit air conditioning, etc.;
Automotive air conditioning accessories: compressors, condensers, evaporators, radiators, thermostats, fans, air conditioners; various condenser electronic fans, filters, refrigerants, liquid storage tanks, thermal expansion valves; Pipes, air conditioner motors, air conditioning bearings, belts, switches, clutches, joints, high and low pressure valves, solenoid valves, reversing valves, heaters, water tanks, seals, lubricants and testing equipment;
Vehicle air-conditioning production equipment and production materials: various types of air-conditioning production equipment, various production materials, etc.;
Automotive air conditioning supplies: compressor oil, refrigeration oil, refrigerant, refrigerant, cleaning agent, antifreeze, coolant, trapping agent, etc.;