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Auto Lighting Expo

time:2018-10-09 source:未知 click: second
Based on the automotive market of China's central and western regions , the Automotive Lighting Technology Expo will held inside CACSE 2019 from May 9-11 at Wuhan International Exhibition Center. Concentrating on the superior resources, We will sincerely invite experts from the domestic and international automotive lighting industry, technical engineers from the main engine factory, heads of standard departments, and government management departments to participate in the exhibition, to help industry enterprises build brand promotion and technical exchanges exhibition platform.
Exhibition scope 
Automotive lamps: headlights, front fog lights, turn signals, combined taillights, rear fog lights, reversing lights, brake lights, side turn signals, interior light signals, LED product applications, light sources, light bulb manufacturers, license plate lights, and Retroreflector, optical design, ASAP, etc.
Raw material manufacturers: (lens materials, mirror BMC materials and PC light-curing coatings, such as BAYER, GE, PHILIPS) decorative frame materials, lamp body materials, paint for headlights, stamping materials, stainless steel metal materials)
Processing equipment: (UV, aluminum, spray-free aluminum, BMC injection, lamp production line, etc.);
New technology products: AFS (headlight lighting follow-up system, etc.);
Online inspection equipment for automobile lamps: (detection line automatic photometer, airtight test, etc.);
Laboratory equipment: material performance test, water spray test, light shape test, high temperature and low temperature test, cross frame test, switch life test, etc.;
Automotive lighting auxiliary design: modeling software CATIA, etc.;